Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You would think Jeremiah was scared to death of Torty but I actually set him down on some rogue Bermuda grass that was behind Torty. Jeremiah hasn't been out in the grass too much ever, it is still in the triple digits here so maybe in a month or so we can go tramatize the kid some more.

Torty is pretty big, I remember wondering if he was as long as my foot once... now he is as wide as my foot shoe size 11.5. The apple he is eating is easily as big as my fist. If you go into the archived files on the left is a video of when we first got him and he could have fit into a cat food can. I was feeding him a little bit of catfood but I read where the protein mix they need is more of a grassy variety. Torty loves apples and Romaine lettuce.